Selasa, 25 Januari 2011

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, January 21st 2011

hello someone outta there,
my dearest nyong nyong ...

this is your last night being 18 before goes 19 right? hmm, your age seems so much now hehe

i know i might not make you a blackforrest anymore, or greet happy birthday straight to your handphone and say that face to face. length and time made us apart, but the most thing influenced us is heart ...
there's a line that for at least 2years it never been removed.

i miss you like the day miss the moon
when it's almost seems impossible to reach again.
but may i keep a hope for a dream long last? at least it helps me life.

i have no power to be brave enough to send you a birthday greeting this year, after we had apart and being in a different town for study.

so i write it

i wanna say happy birthday to you, boy!
ehmm, man maybe now yeah? :)
about wishing you all the best it's everytime.
i hope you can be more mature in the fact that you get older, i hope for your health, your life, your academic, your career, everything get the best.
i have one biggest hope that doesn't approved yet.
i hope we can get better.
that's all ...

for the ice mountain i hope it has been melted by the time we meet, one day.
i'll keep your predicate to be one of my best best friend forever.
and i'll love you forever too.

forgive me please ari ...
and re-think for all the shit so you can realize if that's not me.

tears had enough
hurt had enough
i won't have it anymore

but you gotta know one thing eversince you hate me,
i never ever could hate you
cause i'm trying so far but got nothing

one more, happy birthday
happy 19th day on this january 21st dear Ari ...
may allah bless you always and keepin in the right trax
.miss you badly.
.love you always.