Senin, 15 November 2010

Be patient, be strong, Love will never leaving :)

I wish you could be strong enough to forget everything we’ve shared that might feel like killing terribly.
Don’t cry and make me feel guilty too much.
Love will keepin’ stay between, no matter what happenend and separated us, if what you have is real, just believe it for me …
You know, she maybe deserve better from you
And I maybe deserve better too, better than you …

Be stronger please, for me..
So I can stand strongly on it
I promise I will never hate you, PROMISE :)

I love everytime you appears so grow up and very charming,
I need you to show it to me now …

Maybe love musn’t always together,
Maybe we can’t be together as one like the wonderful day before,
But we know that love will always find the way, and there will always timing for everything God wants to

And love isn’t only about relationship

Be patient, be strong,
Love will never leaving, my love, your love …


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