Sabtu, 06 November 2010

this is it, GOODBYE Mr. Snakie Crookie !

hello, do you miss me?
i remember last time i met and saw your bright sight, my snakie crockie, ouuuh ...
mas ...
i also remember our last contact and how our signal language in conversation of being so mature and consequence, and for not let anyone hurt and even when we will be desperately in apart.
i know this is the step we should take, and something we should hold, being apart in a love.
i said i might have no tears for you cause i didn't think that you deserve enough at that time, but then everbody knows that you're a really good thief, for stealing my heart.
and now we said we gotta leave each others.
honestly i wanna say it but then i don't wanna you to hear it from my mouth, i'm shy :')
" i miss you and i love you, oooh so unpredictable "

i know there might not be a call in the midnight till the sun rise
i know there might not be a message in every 5minutes
i know there might not be a comment in all of my status update
i know many things will be lost beetween us, but will you believe if there is a thing that will lasting forever?
but, i shouldn't have to say it :')

you know,
i still feel all that heartbeat in rush
and how my body feels shaking
or how my hands turning so cold

i'm not so easy to erase a thing

and even if i said that words, when i told you to leave me and go with her, sorry ...
i never lie to say there's something inside
the world can see it, how my bright sight about this

i love being remembered everytime you coming be so childish in all your mature behaviour, it's like a lovely commersial break

but you know i'm falling in how you coming be so growing up
it feels like someone hold you in elegance way without touching you with all the shit

i love everytime you looking be so shy and don't know what to do
it's a sweet things to saw all your fool spontant acts

i love how you love me, with the simple love but appear and mean very various.
i also hate you, hate everytime you coming be snakie crokie.

do you know, let you to go doesn't mean i'm happy and even i'm smile and hear so easy
i only wanna be polite to god, and believe god will never take anything trully mine, god knows what best

hello my java cobra, sorry to hurt you
to keep telling others name in your ears on and on
to make you doubt if i love you
to let you to go...
i wanna run and stop you just after i asked you to go away from me, but many reasons hold me so tight.
i know you looked back and made the step slowly in hope and wait me but i didn't come or at least scream

you know what makes you so unstopped saying?
because i love all your "unnormal"

that's why i hate and complaining you all the time but i love you all the minutes

i love your fool elegance way

i learned milion from you

i got bilion from all simple which not so simple

want you hear it?
everyting that i will missing so much
cause it's all everyting you usually did and i love teribbly
simple in all detail but feels with the soul and touching

·         your call one second just after midnight EVERYNIGHT, for houuuuuuuurrrssss hahahha
·         how you get bad mood when i'm not reply your message in max 5 minutes
·         your way to asked me to go to the cinema or just walking through to spend the day
·         how you say "ade..."
·         or you sent me "de,,"
·         then you answer nothing everytime i respond yes, whazzup
·         being behind in your "honhon suprax"
·         being beside in th cinema, and how you pull my nose or close my eyes or when you look me if i was in fully serious watching
·         "pengamatan burung pengamatan lagi naik gunung" :D
·         i'm in wonderfuly love in all the time you hear all my problem and then you try to gave some advice and solution or if we had disscussion
·         i always wanna laugh outloud everytime you coming be so weird front of them which telling something or smell something about us
·         i'm touching for all your awareness and all your sacrifice
·         many details you did and this point won't be enough hahhahaha

yeah, TERNYATA i'm quite love your personality

you worth to be hate but so deserve to be loved.
you teribbly bad but outstandingly sweet.
you're really not handsome at all but your face could coming more than asthon kutcher did.
i can't understand you ! hhahahhaha

but this is the time we must leaving all, walking alone and write our new, each.
when all the dynamics in rush.

it's quite sad, but ...

i won't be so childish, promise
i'm accepting like a sweet nice girl
i take my next step in my position of smart brilliant girl
you know how i hold tight to being so consequence

take your 21 man and get all you trully mature, be a great man and be sad for not having me anymore haha

so i'll take my 18 and left my 17 when i'm yours

but i'm still what you're dreaming on :)

enjoy the girl in your hand, but still love me the most *oooops hahhahha

i now know how the progress, she deserve for a lil bit more, she's holding soooo hard to keeping staying with you, mr. snakie crockie! hahahhha

so i'll have someone better but never forget you.

i thank for everything and all the lesson i got

i will be mature enough, so much more than ... hahhahha you know i got it, you know iam :p

 so, this is the words, this is the time.

GOODBYE GOODBYE once more mr.snakie crookie :)

no more tears everytime you realize that we fully apart oke?
it's only about name of relationship.
we still have it in another name.
we're still in the same town which we loooovvveeee ya?
just be good and mature, you're good but i'm better
i love you too, actually ...

"dear god, there's something i wanna ask. please save him just like how you save me in order his only things asked to save me when he's so much far away from me"

STLYS, just like you :*

without suffer oke? deal !
be good, both of us :p


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