Sabtu, 04 Februari 2012

Solutions To Solve Job Vacancy’s Problem

As we know that Indonesia’s job vacancy has so many problem, because there’s still soo many unemployment. From all the problem about this job vacancy, i considered to solve the problem with solutions like :
  • Increasing the human resources quality
Human resources is a major variable of this condition, so the quality of this variable is fully important. We have to considering not only about the quantity but also the quality. Because having a lot job seekers isn’t always bad. It can be good if those people have a good quality tocompete in the real world.  Both of formal and non formal side of education must be considered to be improved. Because not only education that counted in the real world is, but also things like attitude and work ethic are highly needed and became one of crucial things which determined someone’s success.
  • Compulsory education
I think nine years compulsory education that government programmed is not enough. Today, with this globalization, this government program is no longer compete in this real world that has been so competitive. Government should have changed it into at least twelve years compulsory education, from elementary to senior high school. If not, it can bet our labor’s welfare won’t improved. If we thinking about future, the worst can be  not only unimproved, but our labor’s welfare can also continued declining. Because without the support of higher standard of education, it will be so hard to compete with other people with also the heavier standard recruitment.
  •  Equalizing quality distribution of educational facilities and infrastructure
Although all regions in our country have school which grade is equivalent as senior high school for example, but let we see the real condition. Looking at the quality of facilities, teacher, and the infrastructure, do they have the equal quality for all the region? We can see school in Java and Papua for example, they’ll be very different. Or try to compare school in Jakarta and Sorong, we’ll found so many difference. The standard of teacher, subjects, and infrastructure would be very different. This should be immediately repaired by the government, because if it’s continued, children that get a lower standard will be miserable cause they haven’t ability enough to compete with children from other city and other country. It will be so hard for those kids cause of too much difference in quality of education and facilities between them and it’s not fair for our children.
  • Pressing urbanization
Many people want to move from the village to the city cause they think they’ll have a better job with better salary and better education in the big city such as Jakarta. That’s why Jakarta is very crowded with too many people from all over the city. When in fact Jakarta isn’t that good. Jakarta isn’t so perfect like what they’ve imagined. That’s why so many people displaced in Jakarta. Cause that J city couldn’t provide job vacancy enough to accommodate all job seekers expectation, and this J town is not that big to receive all the people. That’s why urbanization is have to be pressed. Development must be enchanced spreading prevenly so the villagers don’t need to go to the town to seeking for jobs. Job distribution must be spread to minimizing the only one focusing region concentration. So all people welfare can develop evenly.


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